Thursday, 16 May 2013

My very first competitive netball game

Walt: use our emotions to describe playing sport.

My very first competitive netball game

I felt very nervous when I pulled up with my team mates. I felt really shy at first, but after I was motivated by our team, I felt comfortable. I was highly anxious to shoot the ball into the goal. I always had to breath then shoot the ball in the hoop. I played the second half. After a few shots, my legs were extremely heavy. I could hardly move around the place, it was like I was stuck in to the ground. I was really annoyed with the umpire because she was really quiet, and I kept getting a growling because I couldn't hear her. I felt particularly happy to hear that we won. I am keen for the next game that we play. I feel eager to play our next netball game.


Norsalomah said...

Hey, Clearissa. I really enjoyed your feelings when you played netball. I also played netball at my cousins house. What position did you play?

Clearissa said...

I played goal shoot, so I practically made the team win, and Alisi. What position did you play?

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