Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A message to the Olympic Cycling MTB team

Dear NZ olympians, our school is reporting on different events and I am reporting on cycling MTB. Can you please tell me when are the first heats going on for cycling and where does it start? I will try to keep up with the cycling news. Go NZ olympians I hope you win all the gold medals in every event you compete in. I wish you all good luck. Goodbye.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Biggest Appreciation

Dear Mum
Thank you for paying for my netbook. For maths it can help me add and subtract fractions between stages 6-7. For reading my netbook will help me understand the author's language and his intention.For writing (my favourite subject) I can just do more persuasive stories and research more information on the internet. I think of you when I log on my netbook, sometimes I wonder if giving my money to pay for it myself.

Thank you so much mum and I love my netbook so much because of you,thank you very much. I really appreciate it. I love you a lot.

Your child