Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Missing school and my teacher!

So far my holidays have been fun... I love the end of the year holidays! I wish they would never end. I am so missing my friends and my cool teacher. She is the best teacher ever and GI school. I am going to be bringing my netbook home tomorrow, can't wait! My mum has to sign the papers and pay my netbook then away I go with my netbook. I fyou are reading this then you must be my teacher or friend. Bye see you next year!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Dear room 6 from Saint Puis

Dear room 6

Thank you for inviting us to come and see your wonderful talent. It was so fascinating to meet you since you  have extraordinary personalities. Julia and Zedamisis, I enjoyed socialising with you. Zedamsis told me to call her Z and Julia said that Z is the most silent student. I also liked Mrs Moodley, she is a very determined and persuasive lady. I already knew how to play ukulele but it was fun playing with other children anyway. Room 11 wishes we could come again or even if you  can come to our school and we can even teach you how to cha cha.

Yours sincerely

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012

I love learning in a fun way with an awesome tool. It has been so amazing and wonderful having the net books for the last 2 terms. I have enjoyed having the netbook for so many reasons. It has improved my learning.

I like posting positive and specific comments on students work from different schools, sometimes they provide feedback when I share my stories online. I have read stories from children of the Manaiakalani Trust. The thing I love most of all is having a break of learning to play games.In writing it is good to see mistakes automatically fixed. With the net book, when I'm reading something online that I don't understand I can easily get a better understanding by using an online dictionary. There is no need to pull out math books now because there is web activities already set for me on my class web site.

The most annoying and irritating thing about my net book is not having the internet wireless connection working properly sometimes. Sometimes my friends would pop up by my desk and start chatting away and that is embarrassing because I'm trying to work, but also trying to keep them company too. I would hate to be addicted to my net book because then I will have no friends and I would be anti-social.
If I was off task and I blamed it on the changes of my net book then it will be taken of me and I never want that to happen.

I talk way  more with my friends then play on my net book because there is way more to talk about then play online games. I found it fascinating that my net book can talk. My net book often pronounce words for me.

I love my reflections of my net book and I would love to explore a lot more for my journey next year. The number one goal for me is to always complete my work and share with anyone around me. I would love to create my own  reading website for the junior children.