Thursday, 18 April 2013

My Reflections for term 1

Walt: reflect on my learning.

My Reflections for term 1

This term, in my opinion, I think I did very well. We did three test for the last week of term 1. Looking back  tells me I am going to be great next year.

For reading, I got a 4P.  A 4P is at the national standards, which is great news. I did very well at language features and purposes and audience,for  both aspects I got 4A. I am not good at working out what new words might mean. I also have trouble with reading critically for stereotyping. Skimming and scanning is not my thing, it is way too fast. To help me with all my gaps, I would pay way more attention to the teacher and ask questions, if I don’t understand.

For number and measurement, I got a 4A.  The 4A is above the national standards, I have not scored higher than the national standards before. I did great in finding equivalent fractions and using information in  a variety of ways. I am also good at integers. I am not great at making sensible estimates and checking. I need working on writing and solving decimal problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. I will improve this by asking for extended homework.

Geometry and Statistics were awesome  for me. I got a 4P and I am not very fond of Geometry and Statistics. I did very well in, describing 2D and 3D objects, using geometry language. The statistics only, was 5B. I need help with making sensible statements, and knowing angles and measuring angles. I will try to improve by working on these areas.

My goal is to ask the teacher a question, to make me understand the lesson. My second goal is to ask for extended homework and try my best to complete it. I am already above. the national standards, I just need it fill in the gaps. I am always at school.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Food tech

Walt: make different food all around the world.

Food Tech

I love food tech! I enjoyed eating the food at the end of every session, except one.The food that I disliked, was the chop suey, it had the worst salad ever. Every other food was tasty. After coming from England, and finished making egg benedict, I tried making some for my family on the weekend. Egg benedict and rich chocolate tarts were my favourite. I really wanted to make pisupo for my little cousins birthday, but we didn’t have all the ingredients. Next I would like to learn how to make food in a limited time. Food tech this year was very fun, and exciting.
I came back from america and brought my burger with me. It tasted nice with different fillings.

My car-toy creation

Walt: make a toy.

Making my car was very unique but before we made it, we had to write out a plan. On my plan I wrote about what mechanism I used. I also wrote what I needed and what I use to make it. I labeled the drawing with different labels. It took me long to draw because I couldn’t get the scale right at first. I learnt that the axle has to be in the middle or the wheels will not roll.

We made a toy because it was this terms topic. Learning about toys was real fun. Some children made toys to be in a competition which the principal ran. I went into the competition and the point of it, is to see who used the most mechanisms for their toy, and who was original. 3 people from our class had been chosen for the best toys. They were all already invented, but they used it very well.

I used a bottle, piece of string, stick, and bottle caps. I used simple things that I could find anywhere. I painted my bottle blue and black just for fun. I cut two holes with the scissors on the side for the stick to fall through. After that, I went to Mr. Hendrick to help me drill a hole into the bottle caps. Next, I hot glued the the stick into the bottle caps holes. I sellotaped the string into the top of the bottle.  

It took me very long because I kept changing my mind. It was very easy the find the material. The most trickiest part, would be glueing the stick into the bottle caps hole. I just needed help with drilling the holes. Mr. Hendricks had very nice comments to the top 3 children. If I ever had to make it again, I would change the size of the bottle. The thing I need working on, is coming up with good ideas.

I used nearly all of the mechanisms we have been studying on, besides wedges and screws.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Integer slam

Walt: add and subtract positive and negative whole numbers.

Integer Slam

The Objective of these game is to try and add or subtract numbers to get make up to 12 or -12.  

You need a set of cards but take out all the jacks, queens and kings, the royal family.

How to start:
Deal each player three cards.
Turn the top card of the remainder deck face up.

How to play:
The first player takes the top card off the remainder pile and then puts one card face down into what becomes the discard pile.
Take turns to take the top card from either the remainder pile or the discard pile.
At the end of your turn, you must discard one card.
When the remainder pile runs out, turn over the discard pile, and start a new discard pile.
The winner in the first player to put down three cards that add up to 12 or -12.

I would recommend this game to anyone who knows how to add and subtract integers. The age that mostly knows integers is year 7 and up.

My kiwi-art

Walt: to integrate art and topic

My Kiwi

Why did I choose a kiwi? I chose a kiwi because it is very simple to draw for me. I also chose a kiwi because it is new zealands bird, we are all kiwis.

For preparation we researched what is simple to draw. I didn’t research, a kiwi just popped up in my head. Next we drawed and others drawn our toy. After that, we drawed a child playing with the toys in the background. Later on, we painted the background one color and the child a bit darker, but the same color. Finally we painted the toy different colors, but the colors on the toy was different to the background color.

Medium/use: Paint and pencil.

I enjoyed playing with the paint and using the paint, it was real fun.

Next I would like to make a pop out toy art.

Glen Innes school would love you

Walt: write in paragraphs.

Glen Innes School In Glen Innes School, it is a caring place where innovative children in a great environment have fun. I have been here for 8 years, ever since I was year 1, all the way to year 8. This school has taught me well. I have seen teachers come in and out of my school.

 My school is caring and loving in so many ways. If your child does not have any lunch now or then, and you’re having a problem, come and see the office. If your child has had an accident at school, we will supply plasters or anything they need. We do have a caring and loving school, to help you and your children.

 If your child loves swimming, you do not have to pay to use our pool. We also have G.I’s got talent, where everyone at our school has a chance to express their talent. We celebrate Race Relations day, where every single child goes onto the stage to represent their own culture, and we watched a movie to explain why we have race relations day.

 Our children are innovative and very original. This year our year 7 and 8’s are going to a sports camp,and it is not very often for much schools to go to sports camp. Our students have netbooks, and not many schools are apart of the manaiakalani system. Some children come up with there own new idea.

 So out of all of this information, and more, your child or your children will be learning in a great environment. The children will be kind and if not, they go to see the principal. If you want to come and see if this school works out well, you are always welcome to visit our school.