Wednesday, 17 April 2013

My car-toy creation

Walt: make a toy.

Making my car was very unique but before we made it, we had to write out a plan. On my plan I wrote about what mechanism I used. I also wrote what I needed and what I use to make it. I labeled the drawing with different labels. It took me long to draw because I couldn’t get the scale right at first. I learnt that the axle has to be in the middle or the wheels will not roll.

We made a toy because it was this terms topic. Learning about toys was real fun. Some children made toys to be in a competition which the principal ran. I went into the competition and the point of it, is to see who used the most mechanisms for their toy, and who was original. 3 people from our class had been chosen for the best toys. They were all already invented, but they used it very well.

I used a bottle, piece of string, stick, and bottle caps. I used simple things that I could find anywhere. I painted my bottle blue and black just for fun. I cut two holes with the scissors on the side for the stick to fall through. After that, I went to Mr. Hendrick to help me drill a hole into the bottle caps. Next, I hot glued the the stick into the bottle caps holes. I sellotaped the string into the top of the bottle.  

It took me very long because I kept changing my mind. It was very easy the find the material. The most trickiest part, would be glueing the stick into the bottle caps hole. I just needed help with drilling the holes. Mr. Hendricks had very nice comments to the top 3 children. If I ever had to make it again, I would change the size of the bottle. The thing I need working on, is coming up with good ideas.

I used nearly all of the mechanisms we have been studying on, besides wedges and screws.


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