Thursday, 18 April 2013

My Reflections for term 1

Walt: reflect on my learning.

My Reflections for term 1

This term, in my opinion, I think I did very well. We did three test for the last week of term 1. Looking back  tells me I am going to be great next year.

For reading, I got a 4P.  A 4P is at the national standards, which is great news. I did very well at language features and purposes and audience,for  both aspects I got 4A. I am not good at working out what new words might mean. I also have trouble with reading critically for stereotyping. Skimming and scanning is not my thing, it is way too fast. To help me with all my gaps, I would pay way more attention to the teacher and ask questions, if I don’t understand.

For number and measurement, I got a 4A.  The 4A is above the national standards, I have not scored higher than the national standards before. I did great in finding equivalent fractions and using information in  a variety of ways. I am also good at integers. I am not great at making sensible estimates and checking. I need working on writing and solving decimal problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. I will improve this by asking for extended homework.

Geometry and Statistics were awesome  for me. I got a 4P and I am not very fond of Geometry and Statistics. I did very well in, describing 2D and 3D objects, using geometry language. The statistics only, was 5B. I need help with making sensible statements, and knowing angles and measuring angles. I will try to improve by working on these areas.

My goal is to ask the teacher a question, to make me understand the lesson. My second goal is to ask for extended homework and try my best to complete it. I am already above. the national standards, I just need it fill in the gaps. I am always at school.


Tainah said...

I love the story Clearissa. You have improve your number and measurement well done. What helps you learn in your life?

Norsalomah said...

Hi, Clearissa. You improved well in your work. Your family must be happy. Do you really want to improve in your maths?

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