Friday, 16 November 2012

Learn, Create, Share

Walt: Learn Create Share

On Friday room 2 and room 1 met up with room 11 at the library. Room 11 learnt about animal features and we created an online book for the junior classes. After we created our ebook we shared it and they enjoyed listening. Some children wanted to sit on chairs and others were perfectly fine on the floor. I thought it was really easy for them to read. All I need to improve now is to let the children read with confidence and make the presentation interesting. The way I can make it interesting is to add more pictures and make it more informative.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Adventurous Max

Walt: write a story in sequence.

Adventurous Max

Last week Max had done an adventurous jump. He was really nervous at first until he finally came to a confident point where that was his only choice. In the atmosphere, he said he never felt so alive in his whole life. He travelled up there by a helium balloon. The balloon stayed living in space when he jumped. His very first time to beat the historical world record for free fall was an awesome sight for his spectators on T.V.

Up so high , with no one near him, he never felt so free. His friend was telling Max when to go. The one and only extreme fear he had was of heights. The  only way he can get that fear out of his mind was by conquering it. He had to always take a look out the balloon before he jumped and the view of the earth was like a big round bouncy ball.

Max said to himself "I can hear my own heart beat loudly.”

When he jumped he was doing all sorts of tricks in the air, back flips, cartwheels and even pretending to be a pool. When he was going through the atmosphere  and in the  inside of his suit was really hot. He could feel the suit go through but luckily his friend told him to put on another suit just in case his suit burns on fire. It was burning so fast that he almost felt it on his skin. Max was brave to not even care about it.

He almost was on the ground and he didn’t pull out his parachute. His mind was pulled away by doing too many tricks. His friend was warning him through his ear telling him to push the parachute button and he wasn’t listening. Max looked down and he saw the ground coming closer but actually he was going closer to the ground. Max was looking for the push button and he couldn’t find it, Max was in panic mode. He told his friend to activate the target big bouncy castle. His friend listened and he put it down quick. The hard part for Max is to land on it and not next to it or at the back of it, right on it. He landed just right but fell of.

He said it was his most terrifying experience he had. Max had a great time, his moment of life.
The theme of this story is to be prepared and to give it a go.