Friday, 14 September 2012

Survey and report

Walt: write a report about on my survey.

Survey and report

Recently, I came up with an idea to figure out what time the students at Glen Innes school, would like to go home? I came up with only 5 ideas. At lunch time and morning tea, I walked around searching for students and their answers. Fifty students were surveyed.

I used excel to draw my graph. My data was represented in a column graph.

The results revealed that the students mostly ticked other. The 2nd time was 5:00 pm and 3rd was 6:30pm. The two least best time was 5:30 pm and 6:00 pm. 5:30 pm had 1 student and 6:00 pm had zero.

Most children probably voted for other because they don't play or they don't come back till very late. The other reason  is because the parents don't care or the children just don't listen.


Manor said...

Clear, well done on your survey report. Do you think your results would have been different if you asked children in rooms 1 and 2?

Clearissa said...

Yes, I think they would have not had a curfew at all or the parents can just tell them to play a round their property. Only some of the little children from room 1 and room 2 would understand my question.

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