Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Teach me how to "disco"

It was amazing. The children were hot and sweaty. They had an amazing time. In the hall it was really hot so we definitely need air conditioning next disco. There were dancing competition for the children and the funniest song playing was  gangnam style. Everybody likes gangnam style because its an active, dancing song. The most coolest song playing that night was teach me how to dougie. In my eyes, the saddest song that night was purple rain. All of my best friends were there except one which was okay for her. Britney Won a lot of dance offs and sometimes others. The disco was about having fun and dancing with your friends. The music was modern and old school music at the end of it.


GISRoom9 said...

Hi Clearissa, It sounds like everybody had a good time at the disco. We enjoyed dancing to the Gangnam Style music too. What did you use to create your disco art?

Clearissa said...

To create my "foil art" was much like a secret. We used paint and tin foil. A card board was under the tin foil and we dabbed gold on the tin foil, make a man shape and trace it, Paint the man and the disco ball. Try to find something round and you are finished. Other children made a floor but I didn't because I didn't know.

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