Thursday, 31 October 2013

Say Aah!!!!!!

This is a short video that was taken at Ruapotaka Marae. It was an amazing day!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Visiting to Marae...

Today (Oct, Th 2013) My school went to the Marae in Glen Innes centre. There were kaumatuas and the minister of health was there. We sang some traditional Maori songs through the day. Alison (a nurse) asked everybody if anybody had a sore throat. Nobody put there hand up. So Tony Ryall volunteered to demonstrate. Later that day we were invited to take a photo with all the nurses and the ministry. I had alot of fun that day!

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Two way stem and leaf plot

Walt: draw a two sided stem and leaf plot.

Two way stem and leaf plot

In our maths group one day we were revising two way stem and leaf plot. In the photo, it is evident that the girls (on the right) is has one girl taller than everybody else. In the girls group, there is one girl that measures 138 cm. The range from the boys starts from 141 and ends at 169. The median, mean, and mode will land in the 150 strip.

Monday, 28 October 2013

I'm sure I heard the sound of....

Walt: 1. write a narrative.
        2. keep our head held high.


I heard the sound of...someone crying aloud. Pitter-patter went the rain all day. As I was regularly walking home from school, I heard someone squealing. It got louder. Then something caught the edge of my eyes.

I had witnessed an innocent child been beaten badly. Bullying, is not my life. I was breathless watching something so bad. I considered to do something. The closer I got to the bully, the more that child got bruised. I glimpsed at the bully and the child. So I risked my innocence.

“Why don’t you pick on someone your own age?!” I howled at the bully giving him the evil eyes. He frowned. We were eyeing each other for a while. All I wanted was that child to be safe. The bully’s eyes were glued to me. The child looked startled. Maybe that child was relieved.

The poor child looked frightened. What an idiot! so I thought. The bully looked big and strong. Doesn't mean I'm scared. The bully was wearing ripped jeans and a black singlet. The child was wearing a rain jacket with his uniform underneath.

I picked up the child. We created a friendship as we walked side by side. I nominated to help him get back home safely. The bully disappeared unpleasantly. I reckon that bully was shocked that I stood up for the victim. Tears ran down that child’s face all day.
The theme of this story is to keep your head up, and to stop bullies when you see one.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Burn, burn burn....

Walt: write a narrative.

What’s going on!!!

“Ugh!” John screamed helplessly. The flames burst up out of the long grass forming a circle around John. Everybody cried and shouted for help. I felt the pressure of the fire that pushed against me. It’s like the end of the world. The stars were just glaring at John.

“The wind is not strong enough!” John’s sister yells. John was upset. My heart was beating at the speed of a cheater running. My temperature was outrageously high. Only if there was an idea. I couldn’t think at all that day, there was just too much going on. John thought that he was going to die. I thought the opposite to John. As I jerked out my phone, I ran backwards so I couldn’t feel the heat. I was sweating and exhausted.

“Hello, can I have the fire department please!” I spoke into the phone. The phone was playing up. I was standing there, pushing my fingers deeply into the phone, frowning, and biting my tongue. Why is the phone playing up? I ran around to the others to ask to use the phone. As I was asking I could hear John screaming, “Hurry Clear! Hurry!” He was depending on me, I couldn’t let him down.

“Woosh!” The wind was blowing rapidly. I finally found a phone with good connection. The elderly lady handed me the phone. I dialled 111 and called for the fire department. I could see them coming from afar so I wave my hands, jumping excitedly. I can see tears racing down John’s cheeks. I didn’t want to get into the firemens way. They pulled the hose out and started scaring away the fire. It was like a war between fire and humans. The firemen washed away a block of fire so John would run out. Then they washed away the rest.

It was very misty and I couldn’t see anyone. As I turned to my left, I could see John running towards me from a distance. He squeezed me. That hug was too tight and his temperature was really high. I felt like a hero. After all the hassling and drama, I went home and lied in bed. John went back to his home too. Everytime we ran into each other, he would thank me repeatedly. I will never forget that day, it’s a special memory.
The theme of this story is to be careful and stay aware.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Dear Mr. Williamson

Dear Mr. Williamson,

Thank you for talking to Glen Innes school about your work life. I will take your advice and treasure it deeply. You have given me something to think about for a long time. Maybe I would join the I.T Industry one day. My future dream is to be a doctor and travel the world. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and beliefs. Most of all I would like to say thank you for giving your time up just to come to our school to talk. I thought it was funny and also sad that you didn’t know how to spell, but luckily the computers have spelling checks. When you told us how much we can earn in two years, I was shocked and speechless. I learnt that I can ignore all distractions on life. I appreciate everything you told us.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Valerie Villi-Athletics

Walt: write a narrative.

Athletics-Valerie Ville

Sitting in the crowd, waited Valerie. It was the finals and all she wanted was that gold medal. Valerie encourages herself “I can do this, I will win this!” 30 minutes left until it is her turn to shine.

Valerie decided to take a walk. As she was walking along the soft grass, she saw a man getting pulled into the ambulance vehicle. She had these horrible thoughts spinning inside her head. Valerie jogged to the player and found that it was Usain Bolt. Who would believe that the fastest man yet on earth was injured. Valerie couldn’t stand all the blood surrounding her and flashes of the camera. So she gave Usain her respect and moved on.

Now there is only 10 minutes left till Valerie's turn. She glimpsed at the time and ran back to position. Sweat slides down her face as the timer goes on. It felt like she was wearing too many layers of tops but it was just her being nervous. She thought about what happened on the field earlier that day, and believed it wouldn’t happen to her. Maybe she was right, but nobody knows if she was wrong.

“Walking onto the field is Valerie Ville, She looks vicious for that gold medal” so the umpire says. In Valerie's sight, she saw nothing but the shot put ball. Not a single cheer was running in her mind, it was silent. As she threw the shot put,  she pulled a muscle and collapsed. She was seeing stars and butterflies. Just as she closed her eyes, she could see people running up to her. The people picked Valrie up and placed her in the ambulance. The sirens were loud, but not loud enough to wake her up.

Valrie wakes up and finds that she is in the hospital. Her family is sitting on the chairs about to go to sleep. She sits up and stares at her arm, she has that shocked face. Her mother see’s Valrie rise and she stands up and hugs Valrie tightly. Valrie is speechless, all she was saying repeatedly “What happened? ” No one answered because they were just thrilled that she’s alive. She stayed in hospital for 4 weeks. After 4 weeks she started training again. She still doesn’t know who won that medal. Everyone was worried that it might happen again, but Valrie didn’t care. She didn’t care at all.
The theme of this story is to never give up, and be careful.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Going through the emotions

Going through the emotions

Bursting with excitement! We unpacked the bus and we all collapsed once we finished. No one was hungry but everyone still ate. “I never felt so alive!” so I told my best friend. She looked at me and smiled. We both toured the camp to ourselves, discreetly leaving the rest of the school behind. She was afraid to get in trouble so we raced back to everyone and kept silent for a while. All we did was glare at the other schools and run in circles.

Sitting on the hockey field, our school starts a seriously conversation. I was bored so I went to the other schools to make new friends. Most of the people I met were mean to me and telling me that their school was going to win. I didn’t take a single taunt from them, I just moved to the next person. After chatting with all my new friends, I introduced them to my best friend. They weren’t excited but my best friend was. My best friend was trying to read my mind, and some how, she knew what I was thinking.

First sport of the day was netball. Most the netball girls were ready, but some were just too lazy. I was determined to play netball and it was one of the sports I wanted to go to sports camp for. I tried to get our girls up and running but they didn’t listen. The hooter went, we gave our cheer, and away we played. Thinking that our team was good, we met a team who I thought were even better. Our team had girls that looked big and good, and the opposition had little girls.  

“Defend! Defend!” My teacher belched. Huffed and puffed everywhere I ran. Losing by 8 goals but still having pride. We boost up our energy for that future trophy. Even with sore joints, and bones, I still try my best. My partner is really fast, but I believe that I am better. She dodges me left to right but I think for a while, and I intercepted that ball. Taking over the chart is finally us. Our team cheering with joy “Who are, Who are, Who are we...GI....!” After a few chants, I was just running with the wind!

My cheeks feel so red! Woohoo! We won! I just couldn’t believe it. In that very moment, I forgot about my sore legs and everything. I ran to all my friends and squeezed them. I didn’t want to be over dramatic so I still shook hands and said thank you. I saw the sadness on their faces but so I patted every girls back. Netball was just the best sport ever, next was basketball, oh no! be continued...

The theme of this story is to not think you're great at everything.