Friday, 18 October 2013

Going through the emotions

Going through the emotions

Bursting with excitement! We unpacked the bus and we all collapsed once we finished. No one was hungry but everyone still ate. “I never felt so alive!” so I told my best friend. She looked at me and smiled. We both toured the camp to ourselves, discreetly leaving the rest of the school behind. She was afraid to get in trouble so we raced back to everyone and kept silent for a while. All we did was glare at the other schools and run in circles.

Sitting on the hockey field, our school starts a seriously conversation. I was bored so I went to the other schools to make new friends. Most of the people I met were mean to me and telling me that their school was going to win. I didn’t take a single taunt from them, I just moved to the next person. After chatting with all my new friends, I introduced them to my best friend. They weren’t excited but my best friend was. My best friend was trying to read my mind, and some how, she knew what I was thinking.

First sport of the day was netball. Most the netball girls were ready, but some were just too lazy. I was determined to play netball and it was one of the sports I wanted to go to sports camp for. I tried to get our girls up and running but they didn’t listen. The hooter went, we gave our cheer, and away we played. Thinking that our team was good, we met a team who I thought were even better. Our team had girls that looked big and good, and the opposition had little girls.  

“Defend! Defend!” My teacher belched. Huffed and puffed everywhere I ran. Losing by 8 goals but still having pride. We boost up our energy for that future trophy. Even with sore joints, and bones, I still try my best. My partner is really fast, but I believe that I am better. She dodges me left to right but I think for a while, and I intercepted that ball. Taking over the chart is finally us. Our team cheering with joy “Who are, Who are, Who are we...GI....!” After a few chants, I was just running with the wind!

My cheeks feel so red! Woohoo! We won! I just couldn’t believe it. In that very moment, I forgot about my sore legs and everything. I ran to all my friends and squeezed them. I didn’t want to be over dramatic so I still shook hands and said thank you. I saw the sadness on their faces but so I patted every girls back. Netball was just the best sport ever, next was basketball, oh no! be continued...

The theme of this story is to not think you're great at everything.


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