Monday, 21 October 2013

Valerie Villi-Athletics

Walt: write a narrative.

Athletics-Valerie Ville

Sitting in the crowd, waited Valerie. It was the finals and all she wanted was that gold medal. Valerie encourages herself “I can do this, I will win this!” 30 minutes left until it is her turn to shine.

Valerie decided to take a walk. As she was walking along the soft grass, she saw a man getting pulled into the ambulance vehicle. She had these horrible thoughts spinning inside her head. Valerie jogged to the player and found that it was Usain Bolt. Who would believe that the fastest man yet on earth was injured. Valerie couldn’t stand all the blood surrounding her and flashes of the camera. So she gave Usain her respect and moved on.

Now there is only 10 minutes left till Valerie's turn. She glimpsed at the time and ran back to position. Sweat slides down her face as the timer goes on. It felt like she was wearing too many layers of tops but it was just her being nervous. She thought about what happened on the field earlier that day, and believed it wouldn’t happen to her. Maybe she was right, but nobody knows if she was wrong.

“Walking onto the field is Valerie Ville, She looks vicious for that gold medal” so the umpire says. In Valerie's sight, she saw nothing but the shot put ball. Not a single cheer was running in her mind, it was silent. As she threw the shot put,  she pulled a muscle and collapsed. She was seeing stars and butterflies. Just as she closed her eyes, she could see people running up to her. The people picked Valrie up and placed her in the ambulance. The sirens were loud, but not loud enough to wake her up.

Valrie wakes up and finds that she is in the hospital. Her family is sitting on the chairs about to go to sleep. She sits up and stares at her arm, she has that shocked face. Her mother see’s Valrie rise and she stands up and hugs Valrie tightly. Valrie is speechless, all she was saying repeatedly “What happened? ” No one answered because they were just thrilled that she’s alive. She stayed in hospital for 4 weeks. After 4 weeks she started training again. She still doesn’t know who won that medal. Everyone was worried that it might happen again, but Valrie didn’t care. She didn’t care at all.
The theme of this story is to never give up, and be careful.


Alisi said...

Hi there Clear, this was a great story. I could feel all emotions of Valerie in the introduction. I also really like your theme. That's so true! Always never give up and be careful. Overall, an excellent story you have. Who really did win the medal?

Clearissa Thompson said...

Hey Alisi, thanks for commenting. The answer to your question remains as a mystery. I could feel the emotions as well :P

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