Friday, 7 June 2013

We came second, Hooray!!!

We came Second, Hooray!!

On Wednesday GI yellow (the team I was in) came second in the inter school netball games. It was really challenging to verse saint pius for first place, they won by 6-3 points. The funny part was Kelvin walking up to get the certificate when Chloe was suppose too. That day made me work my legs of and my heart kept beating faster and faster, every time the ball came towards me. At least our team came second place, it is better than nothing.


Devonn said...

Hello Clearissa your story about how your team came 2nd in the Netball inter schools. Unlucky for your team when you came second but that's ok you guys did good. My question for you is that would you have a rematch to see who is the best team

Clearissa said...

Thanks for the comment, I think that we would have came first but Saint Pius is a really good team to beat. We tried our really hardest and maybe next time we will win.

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