Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Mum stepped...

Walt: use better words.

Mum stepped...

Mum stepped inside a flower store. I was trying to detect what she was doing. It was a drowsy day and I was inside the car. Rain was pounding on the car and I was frightened. I wished I stayed at school till 3 o'clock.

Once we got home, the whole family was sobbing profusely. I still had no idea what was going on. Everyone was hugging me tightly, and leaning on my shoulder. I visited my brothers room to question him about what was going on, I leaned against the his bedroom door, it sounded like he was over dramatic. I opened the door and he was sitting down dripping tears from his swollen eyes. Some of my nephews were walking past, wearing black. I tried crawling through everyones legs find my mother, but I am not fit enough to survive a nightmare.

For the rest of the day, I sat in my room, I could not hear anything from my mum. My dad barged in my room, head down.

I questioned him, “What is everyone crying about?”.

He sat down beside me and sulked like everyone else did. My brother finally decided to visit me. He sat down and told me that someone died and started whining. I was confused and worried at the same time.  I put on some black clothes and sat next to my mum, holding her hand so she can feel my warmth. I was singing songs like everyone else. I think my mother wasn't talking to anyone because she was really hurt for whoever died.

After the funeral was over, the house looked like a jungle. I couldn't do anything but moan to my dad. I tried moaning to my mum but she wouldn't care. My brothers room was even worser than the rest of the house. I saw pictures of my little sister everywhere. I turned on the news and there were pictures of her on the news. There was a coffin and flowers beside the coffin. I glared at the flowers and said to myself “Hey, aren't those the flowers that mum bought from the flower store”.

I realized that my little sister died. The news said that she starved to death. I went crazy as ever. My dad came in my room and saw it a mess. I threw a chair at him and luckily he shut the door before the chair reached him. I ran away from home and didn't come home for three days. Once I came home, I decided to polish the house by myself while everyone was dreaming. Early in the morning, mum carried me in my room and dumped me on my bed.

The next night, I wrote my mum a letter and apologized to my dad for that terrible incident. My brother and I protected each other for the rest of our lives. “Daniella is in heaven, and resting in peace,” I said to my mum. She said “I am glad you said that.” We hugged for long and started crying later.


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