Friday, 14 June 2013

My day as a doctor in Ancient Egypt

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My day as a doctor in Ancient Egypt

Today was really hard for me as a doctor. I knew what to do when a patient came to me. I was mending too many bones today. The medicine that I used was made out of Garlic and Juniper. Juniper is sweet-smelling berries.

My job was one of the best jobs. I had a helpful job because I helped a lot of people with their bad bones. I am good as a doctor because I know when a body is bad or good condition. I feel sad watching labourers with bad problems. I got paid a lot of money today, just enough to buy different clothes, and food. I have been working over 20 years, and my grandma and grandpa and everyone in my family was a doctor.

It is now lunch time and I am ordering bread and beer for me. Bread is really common for me to eat and at times, I would be allowed to eat meat. Beer is really soothing for me and most of the times, I really need it. I got dehydrated a lot of times today, so the beer helped a lot.

I had an awesome day, I feel like a hero for helping all those patients. I am happy that they finished the the great pyramid of Giza, now I don’t need much patients any more.


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