Thursday, 31 January 2013

Sad days don't get better!

Wow school is so close and I am not that exicted. I wish I could be but I am not because my uncle Daniel past away. This death would be the worst of all because it was also on the news. I could not get to sleep on the first week of the holidays at all. I always wake up at 9:00 now and that is a tragic. I have traveled many places by now. I have went to  Whakatane. Whangerei and I have even been to my tribes land, Waimana. Things are different with me now and I hope people would understand that. I haven't been home lately for a while. All through the hoildays I have only been home twice or so. Bye bye I will see you at school!


Fiona Grant said...

Hoping that you have enjoyed your first couple of days back at school and seeing your friends again has helped. I am glad you were able to take your netbook home and continue with your blogging. It is a great to be able to connect with friends and family even when we are away and travelling. You have definitely visited some wonderful places in New Zealand, Whakatane and Whangarei have such beautiful beaches. I am hoping you will write more about Waimana as I have not been there.

Clearissa said...

Yes I did have a lovely first day back at school and I didn't take the netbook back home, I just went to the library and internet cafe.

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