Friday, 8 February 2013

All about me in 2013

All about me in 2013

I hope to learn a lot more about measurements and volume in the maths category. Measurements and volume is one of the hardest things in the maths category for me. I need to grab a book at the library or even do measurement and volume homework.
I would love to learn college so I don't need to worry when it comes to scholarship examines. I want something challenging for me to learn this year. The goal for me this year is to keep up with work and don't slow down. I would also love to learn how to make a lot of friends and how to ignore the silly students.

This year in my opinion, would be exciting. Learning new things such as, the hard things like year 8 work. With work I would make it exciting not hard and stressing about it. I think it won't be that long for me to get use to the new work. I can not wait until we go technology because there will be more of us then last year..

Leadership will take a lot of learning for, like transporting the parents to their set to watch an amazing thing like Jump rope. Also learning how to be a receptionist, learning how to cooperate with people on the phone. Learning things for me is exciting.

The thing I am looking forward to this year is when our school has the athletics events. I love that sport the most. It helps me with exercise and everything else. Challenging others is what I like doing. It is fun and competitive for me.


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