Friday, 7 June 2013

Contribution by Egyptians

Walt: write a paragraph about the Egyptians contribution to Astronomy.

Contributions by Egyptians

Did you know that the calendar that we use today, was made in Ancient times. The ancient Egyptians have made  contributions to Astronomy, the 24 hours in a day and 365 days in our year. At least three different systems were invented in the Ancient past, the zodiac by the Mesopotamians, the lunar mansions in India, and the decans in Egypt. The nights division is 12 hours and the whole day put together is 24 hours. The decans were rising 10 days apart. Egyptian astronomers were forced to to make time, 12 hours at night and 24 hours a whole day.

In Ancient Past, the calendar was different to now. The year had 360 days and they finally added 5 more for feasting days(which is the same as today).Every year,one day after 4 years the calendar has to change. It took 1460 years to come back to its place it was in the start, including the sun.


claudia said...

Hello Clearissa, I found this piece of writing very interesting. Because I really like the part you said that "Did you know that the calendar that we use today, was made in Ancient times". Because I didn't know that. Would you like to be in Egypt ?

Clearissa said...

Thanks for the comment, I would love to go to Egypt, but I wouldn't want to live there. Thank you for saying which part you like, because I like that part too.

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