Friday, 14 June 2013

Jump rope

Walt: write a report.

Jump Rope

On the 7th of June, Glen Innes school did an outstanding jump rope performance. All the children from year 1 to year 8 performed some unique routines. This was performed to educate people that, we have to keep our heart pumping by exercising. Glen Innes School did this in their hall, and next it is going to be GI centre. All the children skipped till they ran out of breath.

All the classes had different routines. All students were very skilled and and perfect. Everyone could see the enthusiasm in the little kids eyes. Everyone was out of energy when it was all was over. Everyone wanted a long rest. The  timing  was outstanding every time a class came on stage. Room 11 knew the exact time they had to change. Room 11 didn't need their teacher at all.

The music that each class chose was suitable for them. There were some current hip hop and some popular songs. Room 12 had a very good ideas with their songs, and it went perfect with their routine. The crowd was going wild and couldn't stop cheering for every song that came on. Room 1 had all the little kids, and they were doing their very best they can.

After the students performed their amazing routines. The parents were invited to skip with their children. Next the classes were allowed to skip in a group with a song playing. Then the teacher Mr. Naidoo made a statement about the day. All the students went back to their classes and went back to working.


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