Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A message to the Olympic Cycling MTB team

Dear NZ olympians, our school is reporting on different events and I am reporting on cycling MTB. Can you please tell me when are the first heats going on for cycling and where does it start? I will try to keep up with the cycling news. Go NZ olympians I hope you win all the gold medals in every event you compete in. I wish you all good luck. Goodbye.


Mum said...

I love you my big girl

Mikayla said...

Hi Clear I really love your letter to the Olympic Cycling team. Can you tell me more.

Clearissa said...

No, I can not tell you anymore then that but if you would like to learn more you are more welcomed to check the news.

Clearissa said...

I can tell you lots more now but I still need a bit more information. If I got the chance to e a cyclist I would go for it.

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