Friday, 14 September 2012

Survey and report

Walt: write a report about on my survey.

Survey and report

Recently, I came up with an idea to figure out what time the students at Glen Innes school, would like to go home? I came up with only 5 ideas. At lunch time and morning tea, I walked around searching for students and their answers. Fifty students were surveyed.

I used excel to draw my graph. My data was represented in a column graph.

The results revealed that the students mostly ticked other. The 2nd time was 5:00 pm and 3rd was 6:30pm. The two least best time was 5:30 pm and 6:00 pm. 5:30 pm had 1 student and 6:00 pm had zero.

Most children probably voted for other because they don't play or they don't come back till very late. The other reason  is because the parents don't care or the children just don't listen.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Mr. Grundy

Walt: write a narrative.
Every Monday is our time to go to technology, only year 7. I can’t wait to go again because we do wood work.

We always go on Mondays to Tamaki College to go and do our creation. The year 7 go to the workshop next to food tech. We just came from food tech after making some yummy snacks. On our first day Mr. Grundy just did talking and we drew our ideas.

We are being creative and making it become real. We used a bench vice and some tools such as a saw. A new tool I have never seen before is a trysquare. The try square helps you to get your lines right on you joint. My creation is a recipe holder, it helps you to cook and read your recipe so it comes in handy.

We always go after morning tea all the way to lunch time. It feels so short and sometimes really long when it is boring, I don’t think it’s boring. We get there by a bus and travel back the same way. We all wait for Mr. Grundy outside of the workshop and he will walk pass and take us inside.

We go to technology to learn how to use housing joints. Mr. Grundy teaches us how to use tools and wood but not mental parts. He tells us about safety rules and the stools that we sit on. He tells us not to fiddle because that means we are not working. After we have chosen our ideas for our creation then we will evaluate.

Measuring is really hard for me because we have to explain what angle is this and what centimetre is that and the other hard thing for me is sawing the wood. The saw had to be straight and had to be in a correct angle. The next thing I have to do is to; put my joints in for my recipe holder. Experiencing to use tools and to be creative was the fun part.

The best thing I love about technology is using the tools Mr. Grundy gave to use and showed us. I just can’t wait till next Monday.


Bizarre Food Festivals

Walt: write a summary.

Weird and Wacky Food Festival

I have been learning about bizarre festivals and these are the three wacky and weird festivals I have chosen.

In Coopers Hill, in England, adults and children roll the cheese down the hill and chase after it. The one that catches the cheese and holds on to it for the rest of the trip down the hill wins a prize.The festival is held each White Monday and it has been a tradition since 1993. This strange festival represents the birth of the new year of winter. People all over the world come to participate in this festival now, before it was just people from England.

The Pancake festival is the most famous festival of all. In the pancake festival only young housewives about 18 years old could participate.
They have to race to the finish line and win a prize at their local church immediately if they have won the race. The race is about 415 yards long to run and the place is held in Britain at the UK. They have to start the race before lent begins and at the end of the race they have to toss the pancake in the air.

Tomato festival is the biggest festival ever and it is held on the last Wednesday of August and it is held in Bunol Spain. The people have to climb up a pole to get the ham and the first person to get the ham is the first person to play in tons of tomato. They have a whole week to play in the street with tons of tomato's all over the place. Some say that they do that because it is fun and most say that the councilors are unfair.

These are the Weird and Wacky Festivals that I think are the weirdest festivals ever.
The cheese festival is the weirdest and the Tomato festival is the biggest and the Pancake Festival is the most famous. I would really love Glen Innes to have a festival and it will be called ‘the takeaway festival.’