Friday, 25 October 2013

Burn, burn burn....

Walt: write a narrative.

What’s going on!!!

“Ugh!” John screamed helplessly. The flames burst up out of the long grass forming a circle around John. Everybody cried and shouted for help. I felt the pressure of the fire that pushed against me. It’s like the end of the world. The stars were just glaring at John.

“The wind is not strong enough!” John’s sister yells. John was upset. My heart was beating at the speed of a cheater running. My temperature was outrageously high. Only if there was an idea. I couldn’t think at all that day, there was just too much going on. John thought that he was going to die. I thought the opposite to John. As I jerked out my phone, I ran backwards so I couldn’t feel the heat. I was sweating and exhausted.

“Hello, can I have the fire department please!” I spoke into the phone. The phone was playing up. I was standing there, pushing my fingers deeply into the phone, frowning, and biting my tongue. Why is the phone playing up? I ran around to the others to ask to use the phone. As I was asking I could hear John screaming, “Hurry Clear! Hurry!” He was depending on me, I couldn’t let him down.

“Woosh!” The wind was blowing rapidly. I finally found a phone with good connection. The elderly lady handed me the phone. I dialled 111 and called for the fire department. I could see them coming from afar so I wave my hands, jumping excitedly. I can see tears racing down John’s cheeks. I didn’t want to get into the firemens way. They pulled the hose out and started scaring away the fire. It was like a war between fire and humans. The firemen washed away a block of fire so John would run out. Then they washed away the rest.

It was very misty and I couldn’t see anyone. As I turned to my left, I could see John running towards me from a distance. He squeezed me. That hug was too tight and his temperature was really high. I felt like a hero. After all the hassling and drama, I went home and lied in bed. John went back to his home too. Everytime we ran into each other, he would thank me repeatedly. I will never forget that day, it’s a special memory.
The theme of this story is to be careful and stay aware.


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