Friday, 12 April 2013

My kiwi-art

Walt: to integrate art and topic

My Kiwi

Why did I choose a kiwi? I chose a kiwi because it is very simple to draw for me. I also chose a kiwi because it is new zealands bird, we are all kiwis.

For preparation we researched what is simple to draw. I didn’t research, a kiwi just popped up in my head. Next we drawed and others drawn our toy. After that, we drawed a child playing with the toys in the background. Later on, we painted the background one color and the child a bit darker, but the same color. Finally we painted the toy different colors, but the colors on the toy was different to the background color.

Medium/use: Paint and pencil.

I enjoyed playing with the paint and using the paint, it was real fun.

Next I would like to make a pop out toy art.


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