Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Written words-Ancient Egypt

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The written word

No one knows if Egyptians wrote first or if they learnt from their neighbours, the Sumerians. Historians believed that they both started writing at the same time, 3100 BC.


1. Hieroglyphics is Greek meaning sacred carving.
2. Ancient Greek went to Egypt and saw Hieroglyphs carved on the tombs and temple walls.   3.Hieroglyphs were symbols that represented everyday things.
4. Later on, new signs popped up that represented sounds.
5. Hieroglyphs were also made to calculate mathematical problems.


1. A scribe is a very important tool back then.
2. In modern days they would be called a pen.
3. The ends were chewed by Scribes to make a brushlike tip.


1. The earliest hieroglyphs were cut into stone monuments onto clay tablets, they were both hard to write on.
2. The first examples of paper, named Papyrus, date from 3000 BC the time when the    Egyptians began to write.
3. Papyrus is made from a papyrus plant.


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