Friday, 10 May 2013

Falling rain

Rain poem

falling rain
Just wash away
Don’t bother coming back again
In the winter
In the fall
I don’t want to see you

Your drip drops
Please make them stop
begins to complain
because of your
falling rain

Make the sun shine appear
The birds need to be heard
All I see is hail
lots of rain
for all the whales
Your pitter patter frightens me
I stayed in and drank some tea

Leaves fall with the rain
The noise comes again and again
trees are soaking all the water
Feeling my jacket
That has fluffy fur
In the rain
there are lots of leaks
Outside the squirrels
go squeak, squeak, squeak


Crystal said...

Hey there Clearissa , I enjoyed your poem very much. You really know how to persuade someone. Keep it up!

Clearissa said...

Thank you very much for your feed back!

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