Monday, 27 May 2013

Pyramids of Egypt

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Pyramids in Egypt

Inside the pyramids is a tomb for the rich; the queens and the kings. They were built in Ancient Egypt, for the Kings and Queens. It is believed that there was life after death. The Egyptians wanted the body to be safe and the spirit to set free. If anyone opened the tomb, the Egyptians believed there was a curse for opening it.

Their bodies were embalmed with linen. After they were wrapped with linen or cotton, they were placed in their tomb. They are now called mummies.

It took 20-30 years to build a pyramid. There were about 2,300,000 blocks to build for the great pyramid of Giza. To build this pyramid, there were about 100,000 slaves. The experts today say that it took 25 000 slaves. After the pyramids were built, the slaves, farmers, officials, and everyone else got a reward with gold, extra beer, and a few other things. The slaves had certain days to work and certain times to eat. Sometimes the slaves got free time, with a beer or a rest.  

Most pyramids were built in Giza, on high grounds. The pyramids were built in the desert, not by the Nile. If the pyramid were built by the Nile, the pyramids could overflow with water. The slaves that were told to come to build it, had to come before their king or queen died. The slaves all the way on the other side of Egypt, would have to travel on a boat up the Nile. You wouldn't go searching by the Nile, or in the city. The pyramid is 450 feet high and 756 feet long.

It is so fascinating that one of the pyramids, is one of the seven wonders. It is the last wonder standing. King Khufu's, pyramid is the wonder that is alive today. King Khufu's pyramid is the biggest and largest pyramid. This pyramid is very tall and very wide. The Egyptians that built this pyramid, made it exactly perfect. The pyramid isn't near the Nile or the city, for safety issues.


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