Thursday, 16 May 2013

Dabir the donkey-story

Dabir the donkey-story

Dabir is a donkey. This story was based a very long time ago. It was near a pyramid in Egypt. Dabir has no one to play with, and he is very annoying. Dabir decided to annoy some other animals.All day he tried having fun. The problem is, he is very annoying. All these animals are Egyptian animals.

Dabir annoyed a  group of bees, a group of camels, a group of sleeping crocodiles and he also annoyed his master. The bees tried stinging him and the camels tried chasing him as well, the sleeping crocodiles wanted to bite him and the master wanted to ride him. They all chased him around a pyramid. They all gave up and went back to their habitats.

No one wanted to play with Dabir and no one cared that he was bored. Dabir started getting tired, every time Dabir was tired he would lie under a palm tree. He didn't solve his problem at all.


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