Monday, 2 September 2013

Statistics-graphs of the sports camp T-shirt

Walt: draw 3 different graphs that show your survey has been complete.

Pie graph   

Line graph

Column graph

In our group, we have been revising statistics. We have decided to do three different graphs to show our working. the green group in maths had to do a survey for the sports camp T-shirts. I had to survey 50 people. The question was “What do you think the weight of the fabric for the sports camp t-shirt should be?” The higher the quality (weight) the stronger it is. 6 people wanted the weight to be 160 grams. 160 grams is light but can easily rip when you are running. 18 people chose 180 grams. 180 grams is a little light but cannot rip easily. 11 people went for 200 grams. 200 grams is strong and warm when you are running. 13 people went for 220 grams. 220 grams is very strong but is very warm as well, some of the reasons they chose this is because, it is going to be winter, you will keep warm, and it will last longer. Only 1 person said that it should be 500 grams. What do you think it should be?


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