Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Marble roll-Ramp A and B

Walt: 1.measure and record distances accurately.
        2.graph the starting position and distances travelled.
        3.On scatter graph, talk about distinctive features of scatter graphs.
        4.make statements, backed up by reference to graphs, about possible actions.  

Marble roll-Ramp A

In our maths group we dropped the marble to roll down the rivet, (a wooden ramp) or a cardboard ramp (handmade). First we dropped the marble on a special point marked on the ramp. The first point was 45 and we used the rivet. We rolled the marble 4 times and recorded it. We also did that with other marked places, next we drew a scatter graph.
My scatter graph wasn't very good so I borrowed my friends one. I found it hard to challenging to understand, later on it got easier to work. Next our teacher told us to try a website of scatter graphs online.

I found that the scatter graphs online were better than in making it. I was confused in the beginning but after a few trials, it was simple. After all this I had to analyze it. Our teacher told us children, to get past level 4, we have to know how to draw and stack data into scatter graphs and line graphs.


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