Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Walt: to discuss the problem and the solution in sequence.


Tasha sees the rose that Robbie holds tightly up on his chest. “Who is that for???” Tasha questions Robbie. Robbie is being annoyed and he doesn’t like it. Tasha disturbs him with girls names, she guesses who he will give it too. Tasha sat next to him on the bus and Robbie frowns and says “Why can’t you sit somewhere else?” Tasha ignores his question and lights up her face asking “What about ‘Here is a token of my love’ Karen” Robbie started blushing about what she said-but he was still distracted. Once the bus stopped Robbie ran as fast as he could away from his annoying sister.

Robbie was keeping a close eye Karen when she was grinning at Brett Harveys expensive jokes. Karen was entertained while Robbie was watching her laugh with joy. His friend Dan came over and explained to Robbie about his Valentines day. Dan was upset that Angela didn't get anything because Dan had nothing to give. Angela had a sour face all day, everywhere she went she felt down. Dan asked Robbie for money but Robbie had none. While Dan was asking and explaining, Robbie couldn't concentrate because he could hear Karens laugh in the background. Robbie and his friend, Dan left the room to get away from the connection between Karen and Brett.

Robbie directed Dan to the rose he through inside his locker. Robbie dragged it out and pushed it against Dan. Robbie said quickly “Give it to Angela” Dan was happy and also shocked because he was suspicious about who Dan was going to give it too. Robbie looked down and said that it was for no one. Dan read his body language and questioned “Do you still like Karen?” Robbie was honest with Dan's question and replied “I like her but I don’t think she likes me” Dan tried to care but he was overwhelmed with the rose. Dan left.

Robbie decided to walk home and ditch the bus. He went training but he already knew he had to walk past the bus stop. He didn't want to go past the bus, or on the bus, because he knew Karen would be there.

When he was walking past, Karen said hi from afar. Robbie thought she was waving to Brett but it was just Robbie. Karen shoved an envelope into Robbie's hand and had a little chat. Karen was saying goodbye but Robbie was already tearing the envelope open. It had a little message saying “To Robbie, Happy Valentine’s”


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