Monday, 9 September 2013

Milks in Schools

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Milks in Schools

I think children need milk because it keeps them energised and some children tend to like milk.

The government shouldn't be responsible for giving the children milk it should be more like the parents giving the milk to the children. If the parents can’t give milk for their children then the government shouldn't, I mean, Why should the government give milk? Some parents don’t give milk because milk is not really important to give to children anyway.

If milk was given to the children it would make them happy. Milk has calcium, and calcium gives people energy to do things.

Poverty is the real issue in New Zealand, but not just New Zealand, because the people that live in my environment, do not spend their money wisely and most people are unemployed, they rely on the benefit. Others don’t have time to buy milk for children to drink, they use the milk for other things like their cereals and ect.


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