Friday, 30 August 2013

The arguement

Walt; study the character that has been chosen in the story.

The argument

I chose to study a character, the koro (Grandpa). Koro is an interesting character in the story, The argument. He shows that he is a caring person because he doesn't want his son (Uncle Eru) to stop drinking and smoking, this is why he is an interesting character. Koro is sensitive. This is evident when Koro began to cry. Koro is also angry. The author explains this when Koro starts arguing with Uncle Eru. Koro is very inspiring to me and caring for his son. When koro heard about Uncle Eru in hospital, he didn't want to talk about him. Koro does is Uncle Eru but doesn't want to say it because he is disappointed at him. He is always in the garden, ever since Uncle Eru had his accident.


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