Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Pizza game

Walt: make and serve pizzas as quickly as we can.

Pizza game

The point of playing this game, was to find how fast you can finish, and to get a lot of tips. In this game, first you take the order. Then place the fillings on the pizza, put the fillings in the right place and make sure you have the right fillings. After that you cut the pizza. Then finally serve the pizza to the customer. I know how to play this game because I have played it in the past. The easy part of this game would be dragging the fillings on. The challenging part would be keeping an eye on the pizza when it is in the oven. The exercise could be harder if there were more filling options and more customers. I think I can get more tips by making the pizzas faster. Next I would want to play different games similar to this one, but different foods.


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