Friday, 2 August 2013


Walt: retell a story.


Mum and dad was losing their minds, searching for the chilly bins lid. Dad was messing everything up. Mum was constantly sighing in the kitchen and Anna and Diggity (the dog) was waiting patiently in the lounge, already packed to go to the beach. Mum got annoyed with the dads muttering so she decided to look for the chilly bins lid herself. She found it behind the washing machine and mumbled that she knew dad didn't look properly. Everything was packed and they were all ready to go to the beach.

At the beach, the sun was beaming brightly and everyone needed sun glasses. There wasn't many people there. There was a boy playing with a beach ball and two teenaged girls sunbathing, also two dogs rumbling with each other. Diggity looked at the dogs and gave them a welcoming bark. Diggity started digging into the sand with his claws and made a deep hole. Mum went away with Lucy (the little sister) because Diggity was digging near her. Anna was trying her very best to keep a close eye on Diggity. First Diggity was chasing his tail, then the next thing he disappeared, that is why Anna kept a close eye on Diggity.

Anna was panning around to see where her dad is. She found him with Diggity doing something from a distance. Anna followed to see what was going on. When she was near her dad she saw a dark brown furred dog climbing all over Diggity with his sharp teeth. Diggity's silky yellow fur had lots of blood all over. Dad tried to scare away the vicious dog but it wouldn't leave. The tides came out and the black dog was scared off the water.  Anna was worrying badly, her heart was beating faster than ever. Everyone was already in the car with the engine already turned on. Dad was holding Diggity in his arms carrying him to the car. They rushed to the vet as fast as possible.

At the vet, Diggitys blood was everywhere. The family had to stay out for a moment the waiting area. The nurse came out and told them she would call them tomorrow. The next day the house was silent, everyone was waiting impatiently for the phone to ring. Once the phone rang, no one wanted to answer it because they had a tingling feeling that it would be bad news. Dad picked up the phone and the nurse said everything is alright. Diggity is now home and he doesn't look very well. Diggity has lots of badges all over his fur. Anna was constantly hugging and staying with Diggity, she was happy that he was finally home.


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