Friday, 2 August 2013

Money Wise

Walt: write a response to the talk by Evan.

Money Wise

After Evans talk (a guy from the ASB Bank) I thought about what he was talking about. When he was talking, lots of words were running through my head. I thought that I should start earning money for myself to save up for what I want. Evan made me feel the need to start saving. He told us about his friends, how they saved money and how he saved money. Evan is really funny, he made me laugh for long. I learnt that people can have fun without money. Evan also told us that our families might be low on cash or very well with cash, or even between. There are so many Careers out there so there is a variety to choose from when I'm older. There is a law saying that if your boss doesn't let you have a break than he is breaking the law. In New Zealand, the lowest amount of pay a hour has to be $13.75.


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