Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Walt: analyse the character in a story.


In this story I decided to study on Min. Min one of the main characters, she is the Mother or friend in the story. One day Min was offered from her daughters teacher, Ms. Mooliba, if she could come to school to talk about her experience around the world. Min is very unique and weird in a way. Min eats a lot in the story, and everything she eats is from a different country. Min can speak 5 different language and she has travelled all around the world. Min doesn't care about how you van is looked but her daughter, Jig, does. When Jigs teacher goes to have dinner with Min and Jig, Min rearranged everything, all Min’s weird things disappeared. Min wears different clothes everyday, first day, she's wearing a long dress, second day, shes wearing a Greek thing.


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