Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The penguin with a problem

Walt: 1. write a narrative.
        2. use words to paint a picture.

The penguin with a problem

It’s been three days since I haven’t been home. All I saw was white blocks of gigantic ice. The temperature was worser than New Zealand. I went to my wardrobe to put on extra layers. As I was holding onto the side-bar, I could see a penguin from a distance.

Just a little pinch of light led me to the penguin. It squealed and squealed. I felt like it was squealing  for me. On it’s white coated, beautiful fur, it had drips of blood. I was shocked. I grabbed one more jacket and ran off the ship. Tears were running down the penguins face. Since my job was saving antarctica animals, I’d assumed I would help.

I sprinted back onto the ship. I could feel the coldness punch my cheeks. It was night time so I was sure to take my glow in the dark torch. I ran to the front of the ship to ring somebody. I heard crackling noises. Inside my heart, I was struggling. Maybe this poor penguin needed me? So I went back to the penguin with an axe.

The axe was razor blade sharp and incredibly big. I started axing the ice. I was careful enough to dodge the penguin. It shrieked loudly over night. My ears turned red. I was near the penguins feet by then. At 6 am in the morning the penguin was loose to roam again. I fell on the cold harden ice. After a few hours of sleep in my ship, I went back to New Zealand.

The news spread wide world quickly. Everyone was clueless with no evidence given. Five years later somebody went to antarctica and found the penguin. That person sore the scare hidden beneath the fur. I became a little bit famous. The person who found the penguin.....
to be continued....

The theme of this story is to help when someone or something needs help, even if you are alone. :D


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