Monday, 11 November 2013

Rest in Peace Brooke



claudia said...

Hello Clearissa it was sad to hear that Brooke died once I woke up for school I asked Carl where was my mum and he told me that shes gone to Glen Innes. Then Carl told me to not be bothered getting ready for school. I asked why, he just stared and said nothing. I hopped into the car and we drove to Kennedy's. Then he finally told me what happened with Brooke. Once I heard that I was shocked and stated to cry :( Not seeing her in our lives its just not the same. If she was still alive what would you have done now with her ? :) I miss her aye. R.I.P Brooke Julia Thompson

claudia said...

This is cool how you used this web site. Can you show me it please ?
The best question you answered was Why.

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