Monday, 1 July 2013

Pevet, shoot and pass

Walt: be creative.

Netball-my choice

Pivot, shoot and pass
Today we played as a class
Defence, attack and some other things
Joy and laughter is what netball brings
Running, burning fat off
I play netball even with a cough
Aiming for more than 30 goals
In netball there is only two poles
Glen Innes school is truly the best
Honestly, we will beat the rest
We have only lost one game
Win win win, that's our aim
7 people on the court
Netball is my favourite sport
Goal Shoot is my position
Netball players are on a mission


Mary said...

Hello Clearissa I thought that your rap was eye-opening because it shocked me when I started reading it. Your rap made me want to read more of your raps so make sure that you keep them coming. I also was making a rap like you and I thought that it was really really bad. Would you tell me why you are so good at raping?

Clearissa said...

Thank you Mary for commenting on my blog. I am so good at raping because my whole family use to rap. My rap is just simple and normal.

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