Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Walt: explain the Maori contribution to time.

Matariki is the Maori name for a group of stars. Matariki begins at the end of the harvesting season. Maori celebrate Matariki because it is the Maori contribution to time. Matariki is history.


My tribe, in Ruatoki celebrates Matariki together. Before Matariki starts, everyone gathers in there food and stores it away from the cold, outside. Matariki is a time for remembering the dead and celebrating the new life. The songs that are played are tribal traditional songs. The Maori songs has been passed on through many generations.

Contribution to time

The Maori contributed to time in a very unique way. Maori could read time by the stars when they travel at night on the sea. Tawhirimatea, a early Maori teared his eyes out and flung them into the heavens. The 7 stars is a story. There are many different legends based on the stars.


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